Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dare I Show My Face?

I feel really guilty. Like really REALLY guilty. I’ve been away from here for so long, I’m scared to pick it up again. Honestly, I was blown away to see that I still have followers. You all deserve great big hugs for that. I don’t deserve any of you.


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So to catch you up – in a nutshell – I’m doing okay. Thank you to those of you who worried about my sudden disappearance. I got a little bit obsessed with Facebook (that happens to me a lot, it’s a horrible personality trait that I have) and of course the kids and the snakes and some small odd jobs and all things domestic kept me very occupied. Then in February, I got a part time job away from home. Talk about a godsend. I was seriously losing my mind just staying at home with the kids all the time. I work in advertising, (not the creative part of it, though I do a little with that) doing scheduling and analysis. I also am my boss’ secretary in a way. And I also get to do a lot of proofreading work, which is really cool. Right now I’m proofing three different books. Not fiction, but you can’t have it all, right? I love the work. I love the people. Well – most of the people, but that’s a story for another day. But even with that, I’m glad to be there. And now it’s even more of a godsend because we’ve put the kids in private school. The extra income is definitely needed now. I just realized though that now that I’m working I have to change my bio. Not totally a stay-at-home mom anymore. Dammit! Okay, I’m kidding. It’s not that big of a deal. I guess.


But, here I am, trying my hand at this again. I’m trying to catch up with all the blogs that I follow because good lord, there have been some major changes in the lives of those I love to read. But that guilt thing is raising it’s ugly head again because there’s no way I can catch all the way back up. I apologize. I feel like I’ve let you down. I’m going to try. Things are always crazy here, but I really feel like I need that verbal spewing where I can just say whatever I think. Goodness knows I can’t do that at home and work has lots of rules (no swearing, which I could completely understand if we were always with the public, but we’re in the back offices and rarely see the public), so I’m on full censorship there.


(Side note: when I searched for “guilty face” for a picture to use, this is what came up.)

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One last thing before I go. I’m attempting to change the look of it here (I know. I know…it’s not happening very fast. These things take time. Patience people! Said the least patient person on the planet.) and I’m trying to get Kat’s button to show up here. No luck yet. We’ll see what other things I can spice up around here.


So thank you again my loyal followers. You are the best of the blogosphere. You sure made this erratic lady feel good.


  1. I wouldn't really worry about catching up all the way back from where you left off.. people will understand. Glad to hear things are looking up in your world.

  2. Welcome back and don't worry about trying to catch up with everything. Sounds like you've been very busy!

  3. Thank you sprite and ms. caboo for understanding and for sticking by me! I'm so happy that you two are still here.

  4. I am so glad you are back! I saw you pop up in my sidebar and I was like "Holy Hell? Where has she been?" :) Anyways, I'll spare you the catch up...

    Got married and still very happy, coming up on our 1 year anniversary. The ex-husband died... the kids are doing fine with it. Finally made regular at the Post Office after nine years, so now I have my very own customers to complain about... and not much else going on.

    So there ya go. Now you can catch up with everyone else...



  5. Juli, congratulations on the wedding and all the happiness! (Minus the death of your ex, of course. Glad the kids are handling that okay.) It's great to hear from you. Hugs right back 'atcha!


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