Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring Break For Kids?

This week starts the beginning of Spring Break for my daughter’s school district. It also just happens to correspond with the end of the trimester, meaning early dismissals and parent/teacher conferences. Translation? Hell for parents! For working parents it means figuring out childcare for the three days of early dismissal and the six weekdays (yes, I said six!) they are off for spring break. For stay-at-home parents like myself, it means listening to my kids bicker and fight for those six should-be school days. And an interrupted naptime schedule for the early dismissal days. (For my three year old. Not for me. Although a nap is sounding pretty good right about now.) I think I’d like to put in for a well deserved respite from my kids vacation. Too bad the odds of that happening are about as good as lightning striking a lotto jackpot winner.


But seriously, who came up with the idea that elementary kids needed spring break? When I was a kid, we got an Easter Break and that consisted of Good Friday and the Monday after Easter. That’s it folks. The rest of the time our sorry little butts were in our desks. Even in high school we didn’t get a spring break. Sure I would have liked the days off to just lay around and be lazy (or grab more hours at work when I was old enough to have a job), but it didn’t really matter all that much to me. I mean, it’s not like I had big plans to head down to Daytona Beach or Cancun or whatever other hot spot for spring break. Come on. It’s high school. We’re teenagers. Not college students.


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I guarantee when my kids are in high school, they are not going to be allowed on any spring break trips unless it’s a family one. (And it certainly won’t look like the picture!) There is no possible way I would ever allow that. I’ve heard too many tales, seen too many news stories, and watched too much MTV spring break specials to ever consider it.


And elementary? Really? What are they gonna do? Plan a trip to Chuck E. Cheese for five straight days?! Campout in the park? I haven’t heard of too many parents planning spring break vacations with their kids either. The whole thing is just craziness I think. Elementary kids, and even middle school and high school students do not need six days off for spring break. I hope the teachers do something really extravagant because from the way I see it, they’re the only ones who are coming out on top in this bargain.


Now just so you don’t think all I ever do is bitch (although I will admit I do it a lot. Ask my poor husband.), I’ll do something a la Paul and list three good things that happened yesterday.


  1. I had an awesome sandwich for lunch yesterday and I’m having one again today. (Turkey on oat-nut bread with mayo, lettuce, and provolone cheese. So good!)
  2. I got the majority of things done from my list. (Too bad some of the things like laundry and dishes keep multiplying and are never truly done.)
  3. At my PTA meeting last night I got to jerk the chain of City PTA. (I take such joy from disagreeing with them, I think there must be something wrong with me.) A member had attended the last City PTA meeting where the officers for City were asking those who attended to go back to their individual units and get money to pay for the lunches at State Convention (which is being held in our town) of seven little old ladies that normally attend the Founder’s Day luncheon that was cancelled. I raised the question that since they have $200 in their budget to cover Founder’s Day and they’re not having it why do they need money from us? That made everyone pause and reconsider whether or not we really need to take money out of our budget to pay for something that isn’t our responsibility. The issue is tabled for now and it makes me happy. (I must have an evil streak in me.)


  1. Our grandparents sent us to visit with relatives out of town for Spring Break while they stayed home and enjoyed their time together without the four of us. Maybe you should do that.

    I love sandwiches. They always taste really good no matter what you put on them.

    Laundry is fun because when you wash the sheets and blankets you can lay them on the bed in a pile and curl up under them until they lose the warmth...and then they are less fun.

    You made a good point. They were trying to cheat you!

  2. I agree with your thoughts. As a teacher, I did LOVE spring break for the time off, but it really is tough for parents to accomodate. The majority of families (if they do even have mom and dad there to begin with) have both parents working and it's not easy figuring out child care for a full week. And yes, as a stay at home parent, it IS tough trying to keep children entertained for a solid week. I know.

    And, yum! I love turkey and provolone :)

  3. I'd never thought of it until you pointed it out, Hannah, but you are entirely right about what *is* the point of Spring break for kids? o0?

    I guess it's because I never thought about it as an adult, and I naturally loved it as a kid so I wouldn't question it then, but it really doesn't make sense at all.

  4. I agree that my kids won't be anywhere near any monkey business associated with drunken spring break.

    But I have taken my kids several years in a row on vacations during spring break. Last time I took them 2 years ago to Georgia to see their grandparents and also to Destin, Fl. Don't worry it was a "family" resort.

  5. I think kids should do the year round school thing. There are two schools here who are on that timetable. They get about a 4 week break every so often, but go to school during the summer. I think it helps kids remember more stuff! And, it's easier on the parents.

    I do not recall getting off as much time as these kids do. Really, I am in fear for the future of our country!

  6. We have sometimes taken a wee vacation since by spring break, we are so damn sick of winter, and it is still here in big Wonderful. A little sun. A little fun. I hope this year..

  7. I hate spring break, winter break and any other break where all the kids are home but the parents are still working-makes my day a lot more stressful. They basically play outside (if it's nice) and then drive one another up a wall...and me too of course. There is no point to Spring Break for kids-it's so their teachers can go let loose in Cabo!! Let's not fool ourselves here-it's pure teacher hedonism!

  8. I think I only went on a spring break vacation once, and it was a family vacay to Florida. One of our ONLY-EVER vacations, I might add. I think my parents would get too scared about actually planning a vacation to actually go on one. Now that the planning's in my court, I completely understand that reasoning.

  9. We never did anything like your picture for spring break, I'd remember that. We just things to do around the house, like yard work.

  10. Chanel, I love your idea of sending the kids to a relative's house during spring break (even if it's only for a couple of days) so I can have some quality time with Hubby. I'll have to remember that when both my parents are retired. I'm sure they'll be happy to do that.

    Megan, yeah the teachers love it. I talked with a friend that works at the school and she didn't want it to end because she was on vacation with her grandson in a warm, lovely location. Someday though, it will get better, right?

    Kat, I didn't really care about spring break when I was a kid because we really didn't have much of one. Plus I was a nerd and loved going to school. At least until I got to high school. Different story then. :)

    OT, it's so nice that you're able to take your kids on vacations during their spring break. With my husband's work schedule, it just wasn't an option this year. Maybe we'll have to make sure to plan something next year. It's bound to better than just hanging around here.

    ms. caboo, I totally agree with you about the year round school!!! There are so many benefits to it. But I'm in favor of school uniforms too, so I'm probably biased. Unfortunately, the people that make those decisions don't usually agree with me.

    Onion, I'm sick of winter too. We have had a few glimpses of spring, but they haven't stuck around. I hope you get that spring break vacation!

    Jewels, I can't imagine having to keep four kids occupied during breaks like you have to do! It's torture! And those teachers that have their kids grown and out of the house just love to live it up! While we're ready to tear our hair out. :)

    Nicki, vacations can be so exhausting, especially when you've got kids in tow. I never went on many vacations as a kid either. I can only think of two. But it was more because my dad farms and couldn't get away from the farm.

    George, it's questionable if those people in the picture remember that spring break. I used to think that looked like it would be fun, but now I'd just like to have peace. Although, yard work would be okay as long as it was warm and the kids would not fight.


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