Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nonsensical Babble

So yeah. Wow.


My followers are dropping like flies. But that’s okay. My last few posts were pretty doom and gloom and who wants to sit and read that crap? Hell, I wouldn’t want to be around me either. It’s just my luck that I can’t get away from myself.


Anyway. I still have my faithful friends reading this, so I’ll continue with what I was originally planning. My brain isn’t really firing on all cylinders today, so I’ll just apologize in advance if this doesn’t make much sense. It’s not making a whole lot of sense in my brain yet either. We’ll just wade through this nonsense together, shall we?


Have any of you (you know, the ten people reading this) ever had a quote, whether it be from a book or a movie or maybe from another person, pop into your head and you just can’t place where it originated? Or worse yet, have something pop into your head that you can’t place but don’t even know why it showed up in the first place? Anyone, anyone? No? Okay, it must just be me then.


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That’s been my whole day today. The first instance does actually have a reason for being in my head, but I just can’t seem to figure out where it came from. I was washing my hands and looked at myself in the mirror. It wasn’t even a “I’m going to study myself in the mirror and notice every flaw and every attribute.” (Oh crap, am I the only one that does that too?!) No, this was just a “glance at my reflection for something to do while washing my hands” kind of look. I was wearing one of Hubby’s old sweatshirts and of course it’s much too big for me. And I noticed that because it made my shoulders look much broader and my arms look about twice as big as normal, it actually made me look like my head had shrunk. And I got the image from a movie of a guy that has his head shrunk on his shoulders. But I couldn’t figure out what movie. All. Day. I kept bringing the image into my mind and tried adding more detail to it to make it clearer. Tried to concentrate on the actor’s face to help me out. Tried adding dialogue that might clue me in. Finally, tonight, I came to the conclusion that I think it was from the movie “Beetlejuice”, but I’m still not 100% sure. Michael Keaton did get his head shrunk in “Beetlejuice”, didn’t he?


(Side question. Are movie titles underlined or in quotes? It’s so hard to remember all the grammatical rules even when I’m not feeling like only half of my brain is functioning.)


Then, again in the bathroom, (What? That’s about the only place where I get two minutes of absolute silence so it’s not unusual for my brain to run rampant then. Well, if I’m lucky and don’t have the three year old following me in. Or calling for me on the other side of the locked door. Yes, I lock myself in the bathroom. I’ll take peace and quiet any way I can get it.)


But, back to my story. I was in the bathroom and for no apparent reason, a line from a movie popped into my head. It was, “What with him being dead an’ all.” That was it and I can’t understand why that particular line decided to make an appearance. Again, I couldn’t remember where it had come from. I kept hearing it being said by Sandra Bullock (love her! fyi), but it wasn’t loud enough or clear enough for me to be sure. So, being the obsessive personality that I am, I ran it over and over in my head in hopes of placing the line. The best I can come up with is maybe “Practical Magic” but I can’t remember the context enough to be sure.


This shit happens to me all the time and I make myself nuts analyzing the where’s and why’s of it. I’ve woken up with songs in my head with no explanation why they’re there. Probably the weirdest one was one morning waking up with a Lady Gaga song, but I couldn’t tell you which one because I don’t listen to her music. Like. At. All. Not even a station that might play her music. I’m a country music girl all the way. (Well, with a lot of Tori Amos and a smattering of other non-country stuff from high school on my mp3 player.) The only reason I knew it was her was because it’s one of the songs from the X-Box Kinect game Dance Central. So maybe I was dreaming about the one night I played that game at my sister’s house. Who knows. Maybe it’s my subconscious trying to send me messages. Or maybe I’m farther off my rocker than I thought.


I seriously do wish I could come up with a reason for half the nonsense that rattles around inside my brain. But I honestly don’t think there is a rational explanation to be found.


  1. My day is frequently played out in quotes from songs/movies/tv...I am a quote whore. I can't get enough of them. (I really need to get back to using them in my posts!) I have quote wars via text with my friends. In the morning whoever texts first will pick an artist/movie/show and the rest of the day we battle for the best/most obscure quote. It's insanity.

    It makes me crazy when one is stuck in my head and I don't remember where it's from. That's usually when I text Jacki and have to ask where it's from. I totally get it! Feel better? hehe.

  2. I absolutely have quotes and thoughts pop into my head with no clue where they came from. Then again, my brain is pretty erratic too.

    I’d say sometimes your brain just wants a break from the real life stuff, so it comes up with nonsense stuff to keep you distracted. That’s just a guess.

  3. Hannah, I'm glad I'm not the only one doing this! For me it's book titles. Can't remember them for shit. People will ask me to suggest a book to read, and my mind goes absolutely blank and I can hear crickets.

    Don't worry about losing followers--whomever is here, is here cause we love your blog and you! Not every day is rosy happy for everyone.

  4. It drives me CRAZY when I can't figure out what something's from or why a quote is rattling around in my brain. CRAZY.

  5. I ain't going any where. I am here to stay.

    And I always have movie quotes coming out of my mouth.

  6. No, you're not the only one. I do it, too. I will beat my brains out for hours trying to figure out a line or an image...and I generally figure it out in the middle of the night when I'm laying in bed and I say, "OH GOD! That's it!" And then I wake up Padawan and tell him I figured out the great mystery and he says something like, "Are you STILL on that? Go to sleep!" To which I will answer something along the lines of, "You're just jealous I figured it out first."

    But you aren't the only one is my point. And yes, Beetlejuice got his head shrunk so that might be it. I just watched Practical Magic and I don't remember that line in it. I could watch it again tonight, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't that movie.

  7. To hell with quitters! I'm still here and I loves ya.

    I am all about the movie quotes and I was yelling Beetlejuice! at the screen before I got to your answer.

    The other one is haunting me. It is SO familiar, but I can't get there. A Western? I even Googled it, but no luck.

  8. Jewels, I love the quote war thing! That sounds awesome! I'm a lyric freak. You would be amazed at the pages and pages I have printed of just lyrics. I'm talking spanning back from early high school days through now. And thank you for making me feel less like a freakshow.

    Haven, I think you're totally on to something with your brain getting overloaded with regular stuff so it checks out for a bit.

    ms. caboo, I have a hard time with book titles too. And thanks for the super sweet words. I appreciate you and everyone else who has stuck with me through all this. It can only get better from here, right?!

    Nikki, me too! Sometimes I'll have it right on the fringe and I think I'm gonna come up with it but then it's gone again. Frustrations!

    OT, you're the best. Thanks for sticking with me man.

    Chanel, you crack me up with the "jealous I thought of it first" comment! Good to know I was right on the Beetlejuice thing, but dammit on the Practical Magic one. I thought for sure I had it. Crap, back to beating my brains out on that one. LOL

    Onion, I loves you too! :) Thanks lady! I tried googling the other one too and couldn't come up it either. Guess I'll get back to searching. I don't think it would have been a western because I don't watch many of those, but at this point, who the hell knows!

  9. Haha you are too cute for words!
    I've been looking through your blog, I don't even know how exactly I landed here, I knew someone who knew someone blah blah kind of like that :) But I am so fascinated by what you type! You remind me of myself in many ways. One similarity is I am also just an "ahem.. boring.." (haha) stay at home housewife except no baby here! Hopefully it'll happen sometime. But according to one of your recent posts, it seems you may be more rambunctious than me. lol Anyway my blog is one of my favourite outlets too and it stems from a quirky past. I'd like to "follow" but your ''followers" gadget isn't up! I'll save your url for now :) take care. nice to meet you :)


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