Thursday, April 14, 2011

I’m So Not Worthy

While I was gone on hiatus, I was given some awards from some really great bloggers that must really love me a lot. I don’t feel deserving of them since I was gone, but what can I say? I’m a sucker for the blog love and have to tell you about the wonderful people that gave them to me. I’m sorry it took me so long to accept them and post about them.


The first was from Alice X at Guys, Boys, & Men. She’s such a doll and has an incredible blog with lots of really cool relationship posts. Thanks for thinking of me Alice X!




The rules for this award say that I am supposed to copy and paste this award to my blog. Got it. I am supposed to thank the person that awarded it to me and place a link for their blog. That’s above the picture if you need to go check her out. (You should. She’s cool.) Now I have to list 7 facts about myself. Nuts. This is always the hard part. But here goes.


  1. The last time I flew in an airplane was when I was 22 and I went by myself (huge accomplishment that was!) to Delaware to visit my one of my sisters and her family and go to a NASCAR Cup Series race. (They don’t live there anymore, however.) The really cool thing about that trip was there was a hurricane forecasted to hit Delaware the day I was flying in. I changed my ticket from an afternoon flight to a morning flight and arrived literally less than 30 minutes before the first bands started to hit. The rain from Hurricane Isabel (which I think by then had been downgraded to a tropical storm) started just as my sister and I were driving away from the airport. That night brought the full winds and rain which knocked out the power in the middle of the night and it wasn’t restored until sometime the following evening. Because of the bad weather, qualifying for the race was cancelled. (I was supposed to go watch qualifying with my sister’s father-in-law.)
  2. I took dance lessons for nine years. I took ballet, tap, jazz, and my last two years, pointe. My toes still crack in the morning as proof of the beating they took. But they’re still pretty toes.
  3. My first job was at a Dairy Queen in my hometown. But I’ve also worked construction, in a women’s clothing store, been an office manager, and am now a mom that does a little bookkeeping.
  4. I feel like maybe I’ve said this before, but I believe in reincarnation and have had moments where I swear my past lives are trying to break through my subconscious. I like to think about what my next lives are going to be like and if some of the people from this life will reappear in my next one. I hope so.
  5. I took one art class in college because I had to and I loved it! I’ve been in love with art ever since. I’m not so great at creating it, but I love looking at it. My whole house would be covered in it if my Hubby would allow me to put that many nails in the walls.
  6. Just yesterday I joined a group with my sister and her coworkers where you log your physical activity and it converts it to the equivalent steps. Then it compares your steps with the other members in your group and takes your group total and compares it to other groups. It’s through the hospital she works for and it’s just a fun way to keep their employees active. My competitive side is now saying I really have to get my butt in gear and exercise more than I have been. I don’t like seeing my numbers so far below that of my sister. I’ve always had this incredibly competitive side about me that wants to be at the top of the heap. At everything. School, yoga (even though yoga isn’t a competitive anything; I’m sick like that), cheerleading, dance, whatever. This blog is actually one of the rare times I don’t feel competitive.
  7. At one time, I think it was around the time I was 16-18, I had nine piercings. Three in each ear lobe, two in the cartilage in my upper left ear, and my belly button. Now I only have five. Two in each ear lobe and one in the cartilage in my upper ear. If I could ever get rid of my baby belly bulge, I would seriously consider getting my belly button pierced again.


Now I’m supposed to give this award to 5 other bloggers and have them pass it along. But I’m going to have to break this rule. Because I’ve been away so long, I think anyone reading this deserves an award (and the ones to follow) so grab it up and post away!


The second was from Lonely Suitor at Bold Remarks. He’s a really cool guy with a blog that is always making me laugh. Thanks Suitor, for thinking I have that little bit extra to offer everyone.


Cherry_On_Top Award


Again the rules say that I have to provide a link to the person who awarded this to me. Again, got it. Go check Suitor out. I’ll wait for you. Okay, good. Now that you’re back, it says that I have to  provide 3 things that I love about myself. Shit. This is probably harder than listing seven things about myself. Now I actually have to like myself?! Just kidding. Let me think.


  1. I love to be different from everyone else. Basically, I don’t give a damn about what’s in style or what other people are wearing. I get what I like and what looks good on me. Period. I get a kick out of having interests that are different from other women, especially because guys are genuinely surprised when they find out I like something such as UFC, NASCAR, snakes, etc. I also get a thrill out of stepping out of line with people that always expect everyone to go along with what they say or want. I mentioned a story about doing that here so I won’t elaborate any further. (It’s #3 down at the bottom of that post in case you’re curious.) I should add though, that I always listen and follow the orders of those that require and deserve every respect in the world, such as law enforcement and the military. I would never question their authority unless there was something seriously off about them. It’s just those people so completely full of themselves that have no real reason to be that I like to fuck with.
  2. Um, I guess I like my hair. It’s really long and really, really soft. The color is pretty boring, but when it’s highlighted, it’s much better.
  3. I like that I’m detail-oriented. Some people might see it as a negative (well, some people probably see my #1 as a negative too, but fuck it, I think it’s awesome), but I like being organized and putting out work that has been looked at with a fine tooth comb. I’m a perfectionist that way. I truly get irritated with myself when I miss a mistake and post something either here or on my Facebook role-playing group that isn’t exactly right.


And again I am told that I need to pass this award on to 5 other bloggers. I was going to not do this, but I changed my mind. I do have some blogs that really do give that extra goodness so here there are, in no particular order. Okay, I lied, it’s in alphabetical order. And because I don’t give a damn about these rules (which is kinda funny because I actually am such a rule follower), I am giving it to 6 – not 5 – very funny and very talented chicks.


The Onion at A Lot of Layers

Chanel at Fabulously Neurotic

Ms Jenna at FACS Teacher Jenna

Jewels at Jewels Turning 30

Random Girl at Random Girl Blog

Kat at Tapetum Lucidum


Finally, my lovely Kat at Tapetum Lucidum gave me this award that I definitely don’t deserve because my rack is more than lacking, but because I love her, I’m going to play along and pretend I have something worth looking at there. So thank you, my dear Kat, I can never live up to the standard of you and Jewels, but I love that you thought of me.


Nice_Rack Award


And with this award, I am supposed to post a picture of said rack. Now before I do so, I feel I must in the spirit of full disclosure, tell you that what you will see is more bra than boob and that I couldn’t create cleavage if my life depended on it. So don’t get your hopes up too high. They just aren’t worth getting your undies all in a bunch.




And like the first, I am just going to allow any of my lovely ladies to take this award and run with it, because hey, who am I to tell you that you should or shouldn’t show off your set. If you want to do it, now you have the perfect excuse to do so!


I also wanted to share my excitement from yesterday, but it really doesn’t need it’s own post. I bought myself a pair of sexy boots yesterday morning and am all excited to shake my money-maker in them! I promised on Twitter (if you don’t follow me on Twitter and want to, the button is on the upper left!) that I would have pictures coming, so, drumroll please!




They’re only a tiny bit too big, but with feet as small as mine, you learn to not complain when you find a pair that are even close to fitting. They’re not black (more of like a brownish gray color), but again, when you find a pair that are still really cute and practically fit, you don’t quibble about the color. It’s not the greatest picture, but I took both of them with my webcam, so the quality is not as good as it could be. I’ll get a better picture soon.


So that about does it for me today. I think I’ve spent more than enough time talking your ear off. I’m in an exceptionally chipper mood today, so before I overdose on happy and give you a second-hand sugar high, I’ll just give you a hug and say see you later!


  1. Wow congrats on all of those awards.

    I love me some Dairy Queen, I have one within walking distance of my house. A nice vanilla coke on a hot summer day hits the spot.

    And nice rack!!!!

  2. lol! congrats on your awards!

  3. Hannah, you are such a doll! Nice rack and hella sexy boots you are rocking! Rawr! Thanks for the award love, I accept with my most humble thanks.

  4. You've been busy being appreciated by so many--that it so great!

    Congrats--hope to see you blogging more.

  5. I am sooo behind on my blog reads, damn you taxes!

    But i am hoping this sister vacation will let me catch up on some reading and maybe a post or two.

    Thanks so much for the award, my great rack-ed, sa-weet booted friend.

    Congrats on all of the awards - its nice to get noticed, yes?

  6. 1. Airplanes aren't so bad. Except for the taking off part. And the landing part. If those parts could be skipped flying would be awesome.
    2. Dancing leads to cheer leading or dance team. It makes sense.
    3. Samantha Jones in Sex and the City worked at a Dairy Queen for her first job. I don't know why I remember these things.
    4. Me, too!
    6. Competition makes things more interesting sometimes. Nothing wrong with it as long as it stays fun.
    7. My tummy isn't flat (it never has been, even when I was twenty pounds underweight before puberty) but mine is pierced. If you want it, get it. There's nothing holding you back but your own mind. I'm sure nobody else thinks there's anything on your tummy. Imagination. My sisters do the same thing.

    1. Being different is better than being just the same.
    2. Your hair is shiny. Don't say boring color. Nothing is boring when it's shiny!
    3. The details make the difference in everything. They always matter.
    Whoo hoo! Cherry on top award! Thank you!

    I don't have a's a pretty small chest I carry around with me from day to day. So I won't be taking that. Or the first one. Mostly because I don't want to list seven things about myself. But I happily accept the cherry on top award because I like it! Thanks again and I'm glad you're back. (In case I forgot to say that when you came back.)

  7. Look at you go! It's award season here on blogger. Congrats on the awards-you rock! Thanks for the Cherry On Top Award! :-) I've never received that one before. YAY!


    And you totally deserve the Nice Rack award!

  9. congrats on the awards.
    Nice rack. (and nice hair)
    cool boots!

  10. Yay for all your awards, you deserve them :)

  11. Sweetie I am so fucking proud of you and your kickass boots! Now we just need to get you a corset. This is even more urgent given that sexy shot of your smokin' cleavage, hot stuff. ;-)

    Thank you so much for the award, too! I actually read this very quickly, but didn't have time to comment and did my thank you post today. I adore the award and love you fiercely, my little rockstar.~ *mwah!*

  12. OT, thanks! I did warn you though that it was mostly bra, but I love that you still think my rack is nice! And DQ is yummy, but it took me about five years after I stopped working there it eat it again. I only do the ice cream now, though.

    Megan, thank you!

    Randy Girl, thank you, thank you and you're welcome for the award! You deserve it!

    ms. caboo, thank you and yes, I hope to be blogging more too. Now that disaster has been averted, I should be able to be around more.

    Onion, thank you! I'm still playing catch up too, so don't feel bad. I think you're way ahead of me. It does feel nice to be noticed. Now I just have to make sure to stay deserving of them!

    Chanel, you a such a doll. I just love your comments! My chest is really small too (and it's shrinking! I am totally getting shafted in the chest department) but I just wear nicely padded bras. Not even for the left factor. Just for the illusion of chest! lol And you're welcome for the award. You deserve it!

    Jewels, it boggles my mind that you haven't received the cherry on top award yet, but I am so glad that I was able to give it to you. You're so great and deserve every award out there!

    Nikki, you are so sweet for thinking my boots are sexy AND that I have a nice rack! I feel loved!

    Sprite, thanks hun for all the compliments. You're a sweetheart!

    Alice X, thanks again so much for the award.

    Kat, I adore and love you too! And yes, back to the list. Boots: check! Corset: imperative! And thanks for thinking my rack picture was sexy. :) I actually squealed a little when I read your comment. *mwah!*


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