Wednesday, January 26, 2011

If I Were A Celebrity, He Would So Be My Boyfriend

I decided since some of my last posts were kinda bitchy and whiny, I would do something more upbeat. I have a thing about celebrities. I don’t know why, but I’m fascinated by them. Before I got married, I used to fantasize about some of them. Well, apparently, according to the last dream I remember, I still do. Ha-ha. Anyway, I was wandering around online and I found some picture of my “celebrity crushes.”

And that got me thinking.

I watched the season of Celebrity Apprentice when Bret Michaels was on. There was an episode where they were working in a gym teaching fitness classes and a girl that was in Bret Michaels class kinda freaked out and said to him, “Oh my God! You’re Bret Michaels! You’re on my list of 5 celebrities. My husband isn’t going to believe this!” And of course Bret Michaels responded something like, “Oh! Well, let’s go find a bathroom!” My question is, do people really make deals with their spouses that in the off-chance they meet a celebrity, they get to have free sex? I don’t have a list like that with my husband and I certainly wouldn’t agree to his having a list. (I’m a jealous woman that doesn’t like to share.) But do other people?

And for fun, I started thinking about who I would want on my list. You know. In case I ever meet them someday. Ha-ha. Like that would happen.

#1 : Robert Buckley (as I know him from Lipstick Jungle)

Lipstick Jungle

Yummy! I loved him from the moment he first stepped foot on my TV. (He even reminds me of a guy I used to date. Seriously. That may explain my uncontrollable heart pounding.)

#2 : Timothy Olyphant (especially the “Justified” and “Catch and Release” Timothy)

Timothy Olyphant

Seems sweet, but with a rough edge to him. The best scene is when him and Jennifer Garner are in bed together and she’s asking all kinds of questions so that she’ll feel like she knows him better. She asks what his favorite color is and he gives her a look that fills my stomach with butterflies and says (in a low, deep, sexy voice), “Gray.” (Because Garner’s character’s name is Gray.)

#3 : Jude Law


Just a hottie. What else can I say? My favorite scene in “The Holiday” is when he’s hoping to see Cameron Diaz’ character at a restaurant and then suddenly he sees her and he smiles this great big smile. Makes my heart flutter every time!

#4 : Dierks Bentley


A cutie who can sing. Can’t get much sexier than a man crooning sweet nothings to you. (I do prefer short-haired Dierks, but it’s still cute when he’s got a little length. Just not too much.)

#5 : Huh. I can’t come up with a #5 right now, so I guess I’ll leave an open slot for someone to fill!

So, do you have a list? What about your significant other? Do you know about each other’s lists? If you don’t have a list, who would you put on it?


  1. Lol! I doubt anyone has a SERIOUS list.
    My hubs and I don't have a list, and while there's several celebs I think are pretty hot, even if I were to somehow run into one and they were to proposition me (haha!!) I still can't see anything happening. Just too weird, ya know.

  2. You're so right. It would be weird. There's no such thing as free sex. It changes everything and would without a doubt affect your relationship with your spouse.


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