Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Let me take this first post to explain a little about who I am. I’m a wife and mother to two children and a stay at home mom. I tend to be a pessimist and have a sarcastic sense of humor. That’s probably important to keep in mind if you continue to read this. I use sarcasm a lot. Also, I live in a town with a population of roughly, I don’t know, 25,000. The people who have lived here their whole lives call it a small town. My hometown (about 25 miles from here) had a population of about 1,800. This was “The Big City” when I was growing up! I still have a hard time keeping a straight face when I hear people call this a small town. It’ll always be big to me. I’m just a rural kind of gal.


So, the biggest source of material for this blog is being a mom and the simple life I lead. My life is nothing like the housewives you see on TV. It mainly consists of me getting my daughter to school and taking care of my son and the housework at home. I do help out at the elementary school on occasion and try to stay involved with the PTA, but there is really nothing glamorous or exciting about this housewife. No parties, or charity dinners, or fancy functions. Just me, trying to muster the energy to change out of my pajamas to get my daughter to school on time.


As I go about my day, I have random thoughts and questions pop into my head about things I see or do and I thought this would be a fun way to share some of them. Now keep in mind that I’m not always politically correct and that sometimes I can be rude and even crude. I will sometimes say things that will offend, but I don’t ever say things to be mean. I’m just making observations or trying to make sense out of situations. I don’t claim to be profound. I’m sure nothing I say or think will make an impact on someone’s life, but it’s still fun to put your ideas and questions about stuff in general out there for contemplation. Or to just laugh about. So please, enjoy this peek inside my brain and feel free to leave comments and join the discussion. I’m eager to read what other people have going on inside their brains.

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