Wednesday, January 19, 2011

So Um, Do You Guys Know Each Other?

Driving around town, I always like to check out houses. My main purpose for this is because I like to play The Sims computer games and I like to get ideas for house designs. Sometimes I’ll even get ideas for my own house exterior. It was during one of my trips through town last fall that a newly painted house caught my eye. It was one that I’ve driven past probably a thousand times, but it wasn’t until they repainted it, that it really got my attention.


As you can see from the picture (which I know isn’t great, it’s harder than it seems to get a picture as you’re driving by), it became a very original color yellow. Definitely not my choice for house color, but hey, to each his own. If they like it, great! That’s all that matters.

Maybe a month later, again, going about my daily activities, I spied a second house that got a new paint job. This time just the front door. Is it just me, or is that the exact same shade of yellow as the first house?!


Which makes me wonder, do they know each other? Did the owner of the first house say to his buddy one day, ‘Hey, I’ve got some paint leftover from when I painted my house. I don’t want it keep it around. Do you want to take it for something?’ In which the second guy replies, ‘Oh, that’s perfect! The wife has been bitchin’ at me to paint our front door. I’ll do it with that!’ (Okay, so I know that’s probably not really how guys talk to each other, but I’m  pretty inexperienced in that realm.)

I mean, really, what are the odds that two complete strangers both went to the hardware store and picked out the exact strange yellow? How many people see that color and say, ‘That is what I want for the outside of my house!’? It’s not a common yellow for houses. It’s probably not even a common yellow for much of anything. So how is it that two houses both ended up with it? I guess it will remain an unsolved mystery for now.

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