Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Doll? Really?

I love the royal family. And I don’t live in the UK. Never even visited. (It’s definitely on my list of places I want to go before I die, though!) But I find the British royal family fascinating! I haven’t always been interested, but I think the death of Princess Di sparked my interest and made me aware of the royals. Especially because when I told my sister (I was the first in family to hear about Diana’s death), she was genuinely sad and affected by the news. She had watched Prince Charles and Princess Di’s wedding. (I, of course, did not as I was only about four months old. I might have been in the room though.) So, I started paying attention to what was happening with the royal family. Not obsessively or anything like that, but if I saw a headline, I would read it.


I started reading historical fiction about the royals. Especially King Henry VIII and all his wives. Queen Elizabeth I and Mary, Queen of Scots. The War of the Roses. I devoured novels written by Philippa Gregory, Alison Weir, and R. Garcia y Robertson. I couldn’t get enough, to the point I began wondering if maybe I had lived a past life during the reign of King Henry VIII. *shrugs* It’s fun to imagine, I guess.


Naturally, (or maybe it’s not natural, I don’t know) I formed a crush on Prince William. Watched the boys go from poor children who had lost their mother to the men they are today. Cringed at Prince Harry’s antics. Was proud of their military service. So when Prince William started dating and then finally got engaged to Kate Middleton, I was excited. Another royal wedding! And one I might actually get to watch! So, yes, I’ve been interested in Kate’s ring and what her dress might look like. And what the whole event will look like. But I found the below ad (I feel like The Simple Dude doing one of his catalog “Half-Assed Weekend Posts”!) and couldn’t help but wonder if maybe it’s gone too far.


Princess Kate doll


A doll? Sold by the Danbury Mint? This is America right? We’re not under the British rule anymore are we? I mean, even though I love the royal family and am excited for the wedding, would not buy this. I wonder how many people are ordering it. And then if you’ll notice, you don’t even know what the dress will look like on your doll because Kate’s real dress hasn’t been revealed.


Princess Kate doll enlarge


So whoever’s ordering will send in their “Advance Reservation Application” and then wait for the wedding day to arrive, wait some more for the seamstresses to create the replica gown, and wait even more for the whole doll to be assembled and sent to them. I don’t know about you, but that seems like an awful lot of waiting with a pretty hefty price tag attached to it. Is it really worth all that? I guess you really have to love the royal family. Or maybe think it’s an investment and will be worth even more someday. But what do I know?




Switching subjects, I just wanted to throw a thank you out there. When I took my daughter into school this morning, the outside temperature shown on my truck read a chilly –14o F and the school crossing guards were out braving the cold. I think they sometimes go unrecognized and are underappreciated for all that they do. I know that the crossing guards at my daughter’s school won’t see this, but those of you who are reading might remember it the next time you see someone helping others, even in uncomfortable conditions. And maybe you’ll stop and say thank you. I think I’ll make them something and leave it for them at the school. Because even though they’re not helping my child, they’re helping someone’s child, and that’s what matters.


  1. A doll is a little too much I think. But that could be just me.

    And you are correct about the crossing guards, they need more praise.

  2. You make a good point about the crossing guard kids. It's been just as cold here, and everyday that school has been in session, they've been out too.

    Oh, and thanks for you comment about looking good after two kids. Honestly, though, I'm one of THOSE people, who don't even really try. I'm just a naturally small person.

  3. I loved Tony the crossing guard when I was in school and when I went to college he was still there helping kids across the street. He was awesome. We would bring him tea or hot chocolate and cookies, donuts, etc to cheer him up on cold mornings. I went back to my parents house not long ago and found out that Tony had passed away...that corner will always be his corner to me. It's important to appreciate the people who take time out of their lives to make yours safer, friendlier, and happier. :-) Great post.

    As for the doll...just creepy. Dolls in general freak me out.

  4. Oh, trust me, people ARE buying them. You ever hear of those people that just buy anything and everything that they can get their hands on? In 20 years, they will probably be worth money, believe it or not.

  5. I'm good without the doll as well. All I remember about Lady Di's dress is the 18 foot train. :0) That's the designer in me I guess.

    -14? And I thought 25 was cold.

  6. OT, I think it's official (at least according to these readers), the doll has crossed the line.

    Megan, I may hate you a little (not really!) for not having to work to stay small. It's only been this last year my lack of exercise has caught up with me. It's hell to get old.

    Jewels, it is so sweet that you still remember your crossing guard. And I'm sorry for creeping you out with the picture. You must feel the way about dolls as I do about clowns. *shudder*

    LS, I'm sure you're completely right. Although, I do want to know why my Princess Di Ty Beanie Baby isn't worth anything.

    Julianna, I think that train is something a lot of people remember. I have the image of her on the stairs and the camera is pretty far back to fit the train in the photo. Crazy.

  7. Okay, I was out for a few days and I didn't realize I'd missed a post so I'm commenting. And I have to say...I LOVE Allison Weir and Phillipa Gregory! My obsession with England only goes as far as the Tudor Age. Alright, I like reading about Victoria and Albert, too.

    I don't have too much of an interest in the current royal family. (Though I admit that I've done my share of sighing when I've seen pictures of one of the princes...I think he's William.)

  8. Chanel, they are great, right?! And about the royal family; I used to LOVE William and thought he was super hot, but now I think Harry's the cuter one. William is starting to look too much like Charles. :)

  9. ha danbury! i grew up in the town next door... too funny. Who buys this crap?

  10. LOL Lauren, that's exactly what I thought when I saw it!

  11. Have you seen that they are selling replicas of Kate's engagement ring on TV now? A supposedly highly detailed reproduction for like $4.99!? That's how much i think they're charging...oh yeah, I'm sure Kate would wear a five dollar ring...might as well just fish one out of a cracker jack box!

  12. OM, I haven't seen that, but my husband said he has. It bugs me that they're turning something so beautiful and exciting into something so cheap. But I guess we can't all be bazillionaires able to afford the real thing. lol

  13. I think the doll is a great idea. I just bought two Princess Diana dolls from eBay--both are used but in great condition. These are Franklin Mint dolls that came out after her death. I didn't buy them at the time because I wasn't really a big doll collector then, but I am now, and they are a lovely addition! I'm in a couple of Yahoo groups devoted to Diana dolls, and people have bought Kate wedding dolls. I think they're pretty but I'm more into Diana and really can't afford to buy any more expensive dolls. (If someone gave me one I'd gladly accept it!) But I think you have to be a doll collector to appreciate these. I don't think they're crossing the line or tacky or anything like that. It's just meant to be a tribute and something pretty and fun to look at.


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