Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Just Can’t Focus Today

This seems to be a common affliction today. This lack of focus. My brain just doesn’t seem up to the task of processing anything. I’d like to blame it on lack of sleep, but I know I’ve been getting more sleep than my poor friends Kat (who’s so very sick; go over to her blog and give her some love) and Jewels (who’s been battling her own bouts of insomnia), so it doesn’t really seem right that I complain. But I did have two thoughts that I wanted to throw out there. If for nothing else than to free up the brain power it’s taking to ponder these ideas.


My laptop is supposed to be delivered today and according to the tracking information, is on the truck for delivery. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if part of the tracking details gave you an up-to-the minute GPS location? It seems too hard to pull off (from a company’s perspective), but think about it this way. If each truck (or airplane) were equipped with GPS (which I imagine most of them are), then all it would require for this GPS tracking would be one extra scan. They scan the package when it comes and goes from their “terminals” so if they could scan the ID of each vehicle it was going on to, that information could go into the computer system and their websites could show the GPS location of the package. That way you could see how far away the truck is from your home and wouldn’t have to keep looking out your window every 15 minutes to see if you can see the truck coming around the corner. Not like I am, or anything…


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My other thought was this: When you see an actor in two different shows playing totally different characters, does it affect how you look at each character? There is an actor that has a small role on Sesame Street’s “Elmo’s World.” His name is Bill Irwin and he plays Mr. Noodle.

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Last year, he took a role on one of my favorite shows, “CSI.” He plays a psychopath serial killer, Nate Haskill. I’m not sure if the character by itself freaks me out or if I’m more freaked out by him because I’ve seen him play this other character. Whichever the case, he’s scary!


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The fact that he is also a trained clown may be the reason for my fear. He’s always sort of disturbed me on Sesame Street, too. (I hate clowns! Scary, scary, scary!)


  1. Awww, thank you for the blog love, sweetie! *hugs from a distance so you don't catch this evil, mutant flu-beast*

    I think that guy looks pretty terrifying in the first pic myself. O_O

    {And I do the same thing with checking the tracking of packages ;-) }

  2. I totally get that! I feel that same about another actor that I first saw as a man who killed his family. Took me forever to be okay watching him in something as a good guy after that one. The one you are talking about was a major creepy serial killer, too!

  3. lol about tracking packages! I've never had that thought about GPSing them, though that is pretty brillant. My beef with them has always been when I track it and find out that it's in my city at the distribution place but not going to be delivered that day and I want to go get it myself, but that's not allowed. Grr!

    Hope you get to feeling better!!

  4. OMG I thought I was the only one who noticed that!

    But I am also freaked out by grown men who dress crazy to attract young children. No? Ok... it's just me...

  5. I feel like that a lot during the day. It normally means I have to drink more coffee. It usually helps me.

  6. I love the GPS idea! I was recently going crazy wondering where all the new slow-cookers for my classroom were.

  7. I think you may be coming down with Spring Fever.

    Share it with me!

  8. There was another Mr. Noodle, who also played in a western called Open Range. I think he passed away, so they got this guy above? The other Mr. Noodle was older, so this totally throws me off.

  9. Two thoughts.

    1. In high school, I would often tell my friend I was tired. They would ask what time I went to bed. I would tell them, and they would try to top it with their own bed time. Then I finally told them: You may have more reason to be tired, but that doesn't make me any less tired. Even if they have been sleep deprived worse than you, it doesn't mean you haven't been.

    2. If the GPS thing did happen, can you imagine how often people would be following UPS trucks, trying to get their packages a little earlier?

  10. You are kidding me, people train to be clowns? I thought clowns were selected from society based on how big a twat they are....someone needs to get hold of that clown training course and change it radically to produce funny people not sad pathetic psychopaths with too much White paint in their makeup box...

    P.S. Unfortunately no clowns were hurt in the making of this comment, evidently I must try harder...

  11. Kat, you're welcome hun! Anything to brighten your day. *big hug, no worry about sick bugs* And yes, he's kinda creepy on Sesame Street, although not in the murderous way. Just odd.

    Krissy, I'm glad I'm not the only one that has trouble with that. It's so weird to see him in both places and not think about the other characters. And yes, the CSI character is REALLY scary just on his own.

    Megan, thanks! I haven't run across that (but I'm not close enough to a facility for me to even think about picking it up), but that would be super frustrating.

    Julianna, haha. No, you're not the only one. And clowns are creepy. I don't see anything funny about them.

    OT, I usually try to cap my coffee intake at a half pot. I switch to Coke (a-Cola, in case there is any confusion) in the afternoon for a pick me up if I need one.

    Ms Jenna, there is nothing worse than waiting for a package to be delivered. Especially if you have the patience of a chipmunk like I do. (They have to have little patience, right?)

    Chanel, you may be right. I think some nice weather and time outside may be exactly what I need.

    Onion, you're right. I did read that when I was looking for pictures. I can't remember the other Mr. Noodles real name, but yes, he did pass away and this guy took over.

    Paul, you're right about the sleep. I'll have to remember that one when my husband and I are arguing about who's more tired! :) And I never thought about people chasing delivery trucks. That's probably only one of the downsides to my idea. It would be a funny sight to see though, wouldn't it?

    BlackLOG, thanks for coming over to read my blog! I hope you'll be back again sometime. Yes, as nuts as it sounds, there is "clown school." I think this guy went through the Ringling Brothers/Barnum & Bailey clown training. They definitely need to work more on the funny and less on the scary. :)

  12. It is said that being funny is a deadly serious business. I have just finished a biography about Spike Milligan, what a sad life in-between the laughter...


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