Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Who Watches This Crap?

This may not be a very popular post depending on if your favorite shows turn up here, but I feel the urge to say it. So with no offense meant and hopefully a good-natured spirit, I will proceed.

Maybe a better title would be, “Why do I even let this shit bother me?” *raises hand* I may be able to answer that. I have so few things that are exciting in my life, that I love watching TV and escaping the monotony that is my everyday life. And repeatedly, I have been the victim (okay, maybe that’s too strong a word) of thoroughly enjoying a show and look forward to watching it every week, only to have to pulled off the air. With little or no warning.

I’ve got four words for you.

“Lipstick Jungle” and “the forgotten.”

I mean, hello? We’re talking about a show that has actors the likes of Brooke Shields (“Lipstick Jungle”) and Christian Slater (“the forgotten.”) Who cancels a show starring Christian effing Slater for crying out loud? And it’s not like it was a fluff show (which, I can admit “Lipstick Jungle” kind of was.) It was drama, serious, and more importantly had real life meaning to it. I can say, unashamed, I bawled after watching the first episode. The story lines throughout the show were focused on a group of volunteers who took on John and Jane Doe murder cases in order to discover the identity of the victim. Which, in turn, helped solve the cold case. The line at the end that really got me was no one should be buried without their name. It actually made me want to join a group like that. I went online and explored the website that was referred to at the end ( for those interested.) Then after maybe 10 or 12 episodes, it was gone. I was pissed.

Now, “Lipstick Jungle” was a special favorite of mine because I became so absorbed in the characters and everything they were going through. (Not all that unusual, however. I can get really wrapped up in books too.) But, it was a story that I had never experienced before. Big City, big careers, but most of all, close friends. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a small town, back woods farm girl. Oh wait, yes I am. Scratch that. Well, I have worked, but it’s never been a career before and to put myself into the shoes of a big movie exec or fashion designer, wow, that’s heady stuff. And yes, I have friends. But I lost the close, pick up the phone for any reason, knows my life story kind of girlfriends that these women were. (that story here.) So, as sad as it sounds, I felt a part of something when I watched. Plus I loved the scandalously gorgeous men in the show. One in particular, but I’ve already talked about that, so I won’t repeat myself.

But, I suppose good things must come to and end and I’ve had some favorites that did live long, fruitful lives. (Friends, CSI, Ghost Hunters to name the best.) I think what makes a show cancellation harder to take is the garbage that replaces it. Or just the garbage that’s on in general. It is sort of shocking all the crappy shows that are on the air and how even with a shitload of channels, you cannot find a single good thing to watch. There is a show that if I remember correctly, is in the timeslot that my beloved “the forgotten” used to occupy. And it’s the one that should have been cancelled in my opinion. But, with my head hung in shame, I will admit that it is on in my house every week because my husband likes it. So who watches this crap? Yeah, I do too. Anyway, the show is “V.” And while it was okay for a while, now it just bugs me. “Get on with it already!” (That’s me screaming at the TV.) Have the aliens attack or eat everyone or whatever they are planning to do, but just do it already. All this leading up to whatever has gotten old. (Note to self : See if the first season of “V” is on DVD for Hubby’s valentine gift.)

Then there is a show on Nick Jr that terrifies me and I cannot for the life of me understand who is watching it and why! It’s “Yo Gabba Gabba” and as soon as I see it’s going to be on, I quickly change the channel. I’ve had to sit through it only a few times, but they were eye-gougingly bad. I’m scared by clowns and this show just gets too close to that I think. For a time, I didn’t like “The Fresh Beat Band” either, but as we’ve watched it more and more, I actually think it’s pretty okay. The acting is still too over the top, but hey, it’s for kids. But the songs are great and I’ll even sing and dance along. *giggle*

But not all is lost in my TV viewing life. Because tonight a new season of “Justified” comes back on FX tonight! *cheering, clapping* So for the love of God, people, please watch it. I don’t want to have another show get cancelled. Oh AND, I saw a couple of weeks ago that the first season of Justified is out on DVD. (If only a little birdie would whisper that in my husband’s ear so that I might get it for Valentine’s Day…who am I kidding? That birdie doesn’t stand a chance. Ha-ha.)

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Now, if you’ve managed to stick around this long, what shows (still on the air; Hubby and I need some new shows to watch) do you love that you would recommend and what shows would you rather catch rats with your bare hands (or other unpalatable activity) than watch?


  1. Justified is my favorite show right now. We'll see if they mess it up or not in season 2. I will record The Big Bang Theory and Rules of Engagement if I am working, but that's about it.

  2. I've never watched Justified. The hat is what keeps me from trying it out. That hat generally means Southern Drawl. And I HATE Southern Drawls. Does he have one?

    I like Bones, House, the Office, Mad Men, the Walking Dead (though my loyalty to that one is baffling considering my distaste for gore, violence, and Zombies), SVU, and CSI. I think my favorite of those is definitely House, though. Hugh Laurie is awesome.

  3. Hmmm, never seen Justified, but if I had to pick a favorite show, I'd have to go with "The Walking Dead"...can't wait for the next season.

  4. Sons of Anarchy is probably my favorite show right now. Dexter of course, breaking bad, and shameless I think those are my favorites.

    I've never seen justified though. I'll give it a watch.

  5. Shit! Damn! Fuck! It's not on TNT, it's on FX for those of you who have already commented and already read my typo. (It's fixed now.) I swear I'd screw up my name some days if someone asked me.

    George, I used to watch Rules of Engagement. Don't even know why we stopped. I'll have to remember that's still on.

    Chanel, yeah, I guess he's got a drawl (which I find super sexy! Aren't you in the south?) because it's set in Kentucky. My parents watch Bones and House too, so I'll have to check those out.

    Lonely Suitor, you're the second to say The Walking Dead. I haven't heard of it. Is it on a movie channel?

    Hero, I've heard of Sons of Anarchy and Dexter, but the other ones I haven't. And yes, check out Justified. It's on FX (I'm such an idiot!) but since I'm not so great at Canadian geography and don't know the time zone you're in, I won't tell you what time. Plus, you're a big boy! Who am I, your mother?! :)

  6. I just realized how much I don't miss having television. ;-)

    Though like Hero, I love "Dexter" so if I couldn't DVR it at my mom's place, then I'd be screwed.

  7. I'm probably ageing myself here, but I wAtched a show called "V" years ago, like when I was 10-11 (so 30 years ago.) It didn't have much of a point then so I have no idea who felt the need to make a remake of it.

  8. Sandra, welcome! Thanks for being here and commenting! My husband remembers watching it when he was a kid too. That's why we started watching to begin with. But man, I'm starting to wonder why they redid it too and how long they plan on dragging it out. Probably as long as they can keep the ratings up. Because in the end, that's all that matters to producers.

  9. The cussing over your channel error solidifies that you are my kind of blog. Also, I loved Lipstick Jungle and hid it away like a bottle in a cereal box. Andrew McCarthy made me feel like he did in Pretty in Pink (giggling with hand over mouth like 10 yr old daughter). And he isn't even my type. No, really.

    It makes me furious when I get involved in a show, pulled in deep...and then - whammo! Off the air. There was one with Taye Diggs? where he was a cop who kept living the same day over and over a'la Groundhog Day. But with mystery and intrigue. It was just starting to get somewhere when...gone. I still haven't fully recovered.
    :-( I know they tape a whole season, where do these shows GO?

  10. Onion, hurray! Another Lipstick Jungle fan! God, McCarthy was so great on that show. But my fav was the young hottie McHot, (what was his name...)Kirby? I showcased him in an earlier post I did. Can't think of his real name of the top of my head. I think they are still selling the season DVDs. Hmmm. That just might have to be my birthday present. :)

    I didn't see the Taye Diggs one, but I remembered another that had a cutie in it too. It was a cop show in New Orleans, can't think what it was called. It was really good and just disappeared too. Frustrations!


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