Friday, February 11, 2011

This Girl Just Wants To Have Fun

I started working on a different post, but I just couldn’t get through it. I’m all sorts of agitated right now and that frame of mind doesn’t work well for a more serious post.


What’s bothering me, you may be wondering. Or maybe not. I don’t know how much you care, but I’ll tell you anyway! Assuming, of course, that you are still reading by the end.


Aside from the everyday nonsense of keeping everyone happy (and the kids away from the dog toys) and laundry and dishes, I have extra chores to do to get things ready for “feeding night.”  (Yes, I’m still working on my snake page, but having a hell of a time getting my pictures to go where I want them to. I got so frustrated yesterday, I deleted the whole thing and will start over. Hopefully today.) Anyway, because we feed snakes tonight, there is preparation that has to be done and since I am home during the day and my husband is not, I’m the lucky one who gets to do it.


Then, I’m going out tonight. YAY! One of my best friends from high school is having a “hostess” party (where you go and buy stuff) and I’m super excited to get out of the house without kids or husband. Can you say freedom? I’ve haven’t gone out drinking with friends since last March and even then I was home by ten. (That sounds even worse when it’s down in black and white. You’d think I was 70 with statements like that.) It’s going to be a blast and I won’t go into details now, but I will next week. The problem is what to wear. (Sorry guys. Feel free to tune out now.) I want something fun and sorta sexy without freezing my ass off, but do you think I can find anything in my closet that matches that description? Hell no. I tried on probably half a dozen tops (which I know isn’t very many, but my complete wardrobe is pretty small.) Either they weren’t sexy or they no longer fit right! (I blame my kids for ruining my body. Well, I guess that’s not fair. They didn’t ask to be born. I guess I’ll have to blame my cheap ass for not buying new clothes.) And curse my small feet because I don’t have cute black shoes, limiting my choices even more. So after throwing a mini temper tantrum, I settled on a v-neck hoodie with a knit tee underneath. Not real sexy, but functional. I guess that’s all I can ask for anymore.




So, I don’t know. Is it acceptable? At least I’m not going to be bar hopping or anything like that because this outfit probably wouldn’t work then, but for sitting at a friend’s house, sipping cocktails (of some sort) and perusing “items,” it’s the best I could come up with. (And thanks Kat, for showing me the flattering way to pose for pictures. I took some straight on and nearly threw up.)


I suppose I should also mention that tomorrow marks the beginning of the NASCAR season. Are you excited yet? Yeah, me neither. I’m definitely going to watch, but part of me wants to boycott just to stick it to Brian France. It’s such a joke anymore (unless you’re a Jimmie Johnson fan) that the fun and excitement is completely gone for me. They have made some changes to the cars this year so we’ll see how that plays out. But really, until the last ten races stop being at Jimmie Johnson’s favorite tracks, can we ever expect a different outcome?  Last year I didn’t wear my “lucky” Jeff Gordon shirt because I was afraid it had turned unlucky. Maybe I’ll have to throw it on again this year and see if it helps. (Yes, I know I don’t in any way, shape, or form, affect a sporting event by what I wear, but I’m superstitious like that.)


I know this is kinda short, but my nerves are fried (trying clothes on is so stressful for me) and my dog keeps barking (frying my nerves even more) so before I throw my keyboard at him, I’ll  stop my rambling and just wish everyone a safe and fun weekend.


  1. Ok, your kids ruined your body? How? You look pretty darned good.

  2. I think it's cute!

    I am in the EXACT same situation as you. I'm supposed to go on a girls trip this weekend and have NO idea what to wear because we will be going out. Like, shopping, nice restaurants, bars. All I ever wear is leggings, jeans, and hoodies. My clothes are all "functional" for baby. Think no embellishments, nothing low cut, comfy cotton. Blah.

  3. I agree with George. You look damn good for a Mom that's had kids. You're lucky, and you should feel that way.

    As for the green hoodie, it looks much like the one in your profile picture, if I'm not mistaken.

    I never really find myself in a clothing conundrum too often. I usually just wear whatever the hell I want, and don't give a damn what others think.

  4. George, thank you so much. It's nice to get the boost. That's the beauty of clothing. It covers all those imperfections.

    Megan, thanks and I'm glad you can relate! It's perfect though! While you're out shopping, buy yourself something really hot for the restaurant and bars!

    LS, LOL I never even thought about the other picture having a green hoodie, but you're right. It's not the same one though. (I started to describe the differences and then remembered you're a guy and you wouldn't care. Haha.) Even funnier is that I don't even wear green very often. I usually go with red or brown. And thank you for the compliment. You're making it much easier to just let loose tonight!

  5. If I said you had a nice body, would you hold it against me.

    Lol, no seriously you have a nice enough body that I would probably try and use that line. After I'd gotten to know you a bit. Otherwise it is just creepy.

  6. You look cute and comfy at the same time, dear Hannah.~ I have to agree with the guys, too, because I don't think any children ruined your body in the least.

    I think that this outfit is perfect for a hostess party. They are usually very informal, so as long as you look nice, there's no need to put fancy dress on.

    Do you have any boots? Because I find that boots kick the ass of *any* outfit into brilliant. If you don't then we will have to go shopping, and the first thing that we'll find for you are some boots that make you feel like Nancy Sinatra.~

    Next thing will be a corset. ;-)

    And thank you for the shout out! You posed perfectly.~

  7. As long as you feel cute/sexy and good about yourself then half the battle is won. Enjoy your night out! :-)

    For what it's worth I think you look amazing.

  8. I'm with George on this one...exactly what part of your body is ruined by children? Because the body in that picture doesn't look like it has had children...

    And I like that hoodie. Want to tell me where you got it? Or am I going be scouring online stores trying to find it or something like it?

    I've never been to a hostess party. Kind of sounds like in the comfort of a living room.

  9. My kids also trashed my least yours left you your waist. :)

  10. OT, thanks. It was pretty fun.

    LOL, Hero! That was a new one for me! And thanks!

    Kat, I would love to go shopping with you. You could be my fashion expert because sadly, no, I don't have boots. (I'm one of those people who if given the chance would own 100 pairs of shoes, but I can't ever find any that fit me.) Boots and corsets! That's my kind of shopping! And thank you for thinking I looked good.

    Jewels, thanks for those sweet words. And it's worth a lot!

    Chanel, you're being too kind to me. But I won't go into details. :) My hoodie came from (don't laugh at me) Bass Pro Shops. It's part of their Natural Reflections line. And if you think the party sounds fun, be sure to tune in Monday!

    Julianna, with as many headaches kids cause once they're in the world, you would think God would give us a break and put our bodies back to the way they started!

  11. You look great! Your body is not ruined at all. Hope you have a great time sipping cocktails, thanks for visiting my blog. I'll be back to read more :)

  12. Alice X, thank you so much for the compliment and thanks for coming over! I hope you enjoy what you find here.

  13. The beauty of the home "hostess" party is that no one cares if you dress up, just if you buy something. :-) I try to have a go to item at each one so I don't lose my head and wind up with several hundred dollars worth of Arbonne.

    While many in our local Walmart would say that old, greasy faded pink sweatpants would be just fine, I would disagree. I think jeans are the standard for a home hostess shin-dig, and you looked great! I live in WYoming, and jeans are the standard for everything but weddings and funerals, and even then....

    You have a very small waist. I am trying not to be jealous, skinny britches.

    (We seem like we have a lot in common, so I am going to follow. Nice to meet you! :-)

  14. Onion, Hi! I'm so glad you stopped by and that you're following now! Thank you! It's great to meet you too. Yes, I always have to control myself when I go to those parties. I could walk out penniless.

    Oh and yeah, jeans are the standard here too. Trying to get my husband to put on a pair of khaki pants is practically like asking him to run down the street naked. (And even then, he might chose the streaking over the "dress" pants.) Thanks for the compliment but trust me, nothing to be jealous of over here.

  15. i am almost obligated to care about nascar... i work across the street from daytona international speedway.

    I'm not married, nor do i have kids but damnit i need a night out too... my damn bf thinks we're 90.

  16. Lauren, I am so jealous of you right now. Wow. Before I met my husband I nearly picked up and moved to North Carolina just to try and get a job with a race team. Course, that plan came to a screeching halt.

    Give that bf a kick in the pants and go have some fun! (It was so great to get out of the house for something other than groceries!) Do it while you still can! And if you run into Jeff Gordon tell him there's a picture on here of him with his #1 fan! (Just kidding. Unless you really do see him, then for God's sake do it!) :)

  17. your blog's got a really great domestic...tone, if you will. haha. makes me wish I still part of a family. (they're not dead or anything, just annoying).

  18. Yep, J.J. that's me. Mrs. Domestic. (I think all families can be annoying at times. I know mine can be.)

  19. All I ever wear is leggings, jeans, and hoodies. As for the green hoodie, it looks much like the one in your profile picture, if I'm not mistaken. That wills suits you.

  20. Hi Stretch Marks! This time of year I'm usually just in lounge pants or sweatpants (I know, sexy right?) so when I actually get to go out it's a real treat to find something different to wear. The two pictures are different tops. It's funny that out of all the things to wear I happen to pick the same color for both. :)


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